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If you’re looking to buy medical cannabis online in Canada, you need an online dispensary that provides cannabis with potency you can depend on and shipping you can trust.

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Buy medical cannabis online in Canada.

When you buy MMJ in Canada online from Cannabis Care, you know you’ll safely receive what you ordered. Compare our lab results to other dispensaries – if they even have them. We’re a potency-guaranteed Canadian online dispensary, shipping the best cannabis products Canada-wide. Cannabis Care is dedicated to bringing you the best medical marijuana products in Canada, guaranteed. Order securely from a trusted medical cannabis dispensary online.

Why Choose an Online Dispensary?

Online cannabis dispensaries are the safest and most discreet way to get the high-quality cannabis you need. Ordering online is private, convenient, and encrypted. Shipping is fast and discreet. A discreet online / mail order marijuana dispensary is the way to go, whatever your needs.

Buy Weed Online? Really?”

Buying medical marijuana online has come a long way from the mail order outfits that may or may not provide what they claim to and shipments that may or may not arrive.

Here are just a few reasons why ordering medical cannabis online is the best way to buy medical marijuana in Canada:

It’s Safe and Convenient. Buy Medical Cannabis Without Leaving Your House.

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Many people don’t live in areas with local dispensaries. Some people want to be discreet about picking up their medical marijuana. And some simply don’t want to or can’t leave the house to get the medicinal cannabis they need. Buying medical marijuana online is the answer to all these issues. And buying from a reputable supplier assures you that you will get what you ordered. Through online medical dispensaries like Cannabis Care, you can purchase medical cannabis Sativa and cannabis India online in Canada from the comfort of your own home, then rest assured that exactly what you ordered will arrive safely. You’ll get a tracking code/tracking number so you can track your cannabis via Canada Post express post. For those who desire the ultimate convenience, you can even subscribe to have MMJ products shipped to you regularly!

Online Dispensaries Are Private. Your Marijuana and Medical Needs are Nobody’s Business but Your Own.

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Buying legal marijuana in Canada online makes the process completely private and discreet. Order from a secure and reputable online seller and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with complete privacy and discretion.

What Is the Difference Between Online Medical Marijuana in Canada,

Buying Medical Cannabis Online Means Better Products From Better Sellers.

The best online dispensaries allow you to buy the best potency guaranteed cannabis products. That’s just one of the reasons why Cannabis care is the best online dispensary in Canada.

Get The Best Medical Cannabis Available Delivered To Your Door Today!

Mail order marijuana is the way to go.

Order your cannabis products online from Cannabis care today, and discover the difference for yourself

How To Buy Medical Cannabis Online/How To Buy Medical Marijuana Online.

Can you buy medical cannabis online?

  1. Shop securely. Look for the stores that have HTTPS in their URLs and the little Lock icon. Those stores (like ours!) are secure.
  2. Check out and submit payment. Sometimes you’ll need to send via e-transfer. As long as you’re dealing with a reputable supplier, that’s just fine.
  3. Get your tracking code when your medical cannabis order shipment is on its way.
  4. Enjoy your MMJ delivery. Write a happy review, if you like 🙂
  5. Do it again when you need more!

Why Canadian Cannabis?

Canadian cannabis products. Lab tested. Shipping Canada-wide.

Canada has long been recognized as the producer of the world’s finest medical cannabis. Canadian producers have created fantastic strains and pioneered impressive techniques. Canada’s Marijuana is famous worldwide. We’re proud to be supplied by reputable Canadian growers – and happy to test and stand by our product!

About Cannabis Care

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We strongly believe in and are dedicated to providing the best medical cannabis available. Our growers, concentrate producers, and bakeries are similarly dedicated to the quality of their products. We want to make ordering mail-order marijuana in Canada as safe, discreet, and convenient as possible so that people can get the medical cannabis they need directly from the comfort of their own homes. All our medical cannabis products are lab tested to guarantee their potency. Our orders are shipped promptly and discreetly via Canada Post with tracking. Choose mail order cannabis in Canada from Cannabis Care.

Guaranteed shipping of your medical marijuana order.

Questions? Please Get In Touch!

We are available via email 24 hours a day at [email protected], by phone from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 8 PM PST at 888-798-6710, and via live chat on our website. We look forward to connecting with you!

MMJ in Canada. Potency-guaranteed MMJ products. Order MMJ online in Canada!

Convenient & Secure Online Ordering. Discrete Mail Order Cannabis Delivery Throughout Canada. Order From the Best Mail Order Cannabis Service

You’re looking for answers about mail-order marijuana/cannabis in Canada. Is it legitimate? Can you trust the supplier? Will you get good cannabis? Will anyone know?

As long as you’ve got the right supplier, mail order has always been one of the safest, most convenient ways of getting cannabis in Canada. Your cannabis will arrive quickly, discreetly, and is precisely what you wanted. Rather than having to buy directly from a dealer or add your contact information to a local dispensary’s list, you can directly and discreetly order mail order cannabis online. And you get better cannabis, too.

How to Identify a Reputable Canadian Mail Order Cannabis Dispensary

It can be hard to know whether a mail order dispensary is real or just blowing smoke. Here are some great ways to identify an online mail order dispensary that will leave you happy.

  • They give you a tracking code. You know your shipment is on the way because you can track it.
  • They test and guarantee their products. A reputable independent third-party lab tests their cannabis, and the results are posted online.
  • Their website is secured. During checkout, your information is protected by SSL security.
  • They’re active on social media. Making posts, having conversations, and cultivating a presence.
  • They answer your questions. They are available via phone, email, or online.
  • They have good buzz online. Some mail-order cannabis dispensaries don’t look after their customers. If you see a lot of bad reviews, steer clear.

With these ideas in mind, it’s pretty easy to find a great mail-order cannabis supplier.

We are the reputable supplier that you seek. Consider us for your mail-order cannabis needs in Canada!

We offer lab-tested, potency-guaranteed cannabis. Our site is secure. We are very active on social media and here to serve you. And our positive reviews are growing daily. We are a Canadian cannabis company that is dedicated to providing guaranteed potent products and exemplary customer service.

Why Order Mail Order Cannabis Online in Canada?

Cannabis is legal in Canada, and the cannabis industry is booming. As such, cannabis patients are now often using the internet to order their medicinal marijuana. Mail order cannabis and online ordering have quickly become recognized as the best way to buy cannabis. The days of buying a bag of weed on the street are behind us. Read on to learn about some of the many compelling reasons so many choose to order cannabis online from a Canadian online dispensary that provides discreet mail-order delivery.

Mail Order Cannabis is A Better Option Compared To Local “Dealers, Deliveries, and Dispensaries”

Mail order cannabis vs local sources in Canada

Getting Cannabis locally involves either meeting someone somewhere for an exchange, going to their location, or having them come to you. None of these are ideal. While you might well live in one of the areas where local dispensaries are tolerated by law enforcement, there are still many advantages that are offered by ordering online from a mail-order cannabis delivery service:

  • You can take the time to shop around, read product descriptions and reviews, and get your questions answered. Many local dispensaries have to serve a vast clientele quickly. Whatever their intentions, it can be hard to take the time to educate a customer properly or evaluate their needs when there are a dozen more customers trying to wait patiently to be served.
  • Privacy and discretion are assured. Purchasing privately from a mail-order medical marijuana online provider keeps the transaction discreet and protected. While we support therapeutic cannabis wholeheartedly, many people don’t want to be known as patients, just like any other medical patient.

It’s one less errand to run. Ordering mail order cannabis regularly means you don’t have to make that trip to the local “weed store” – providing you have one at all.

Ordering Mail Order Cannabis Online is the Most Convenient & Discreet Option By Far

Privacy and Discretion is Far More Assured Than Buying Locally

Buying mail order cannabis online is far more private and discreet than any local options:

  • You don’t need to meet a dealer anywhere or have them come to you
  • You don’t need to take trips to and become known at the local weed shop
  • You don’t need to give your personal information up to anyone locally or have it written on paper in the local dispensary binder – which may be subject to seizure if your local dispensary’s owners are unfortunately involved in other less reputable business

Some people may be concerned about giving up personal information online, but website security protocols such as PCI Compliance have evolved to protect customer information far more securely than can be done locally.
Similarly, mail-order delivery is the safest option. Federal law protects postal delivery, and mail carriers themselves are not aware of what they ship. You order online, and a package is sent discreetly in the mail. There is no more discreet option. Mail order cannabis services have been on the internet for quite some time now, and modern security and discretion-minded services continue to make ordering mail order marijuana online more convenient and discreet daily.

You Don’t Have to Leave the House

Whether you don’t have a reputable local dispensary, you would understandably prefer not to be seen there or can’t (or don’t want to) leave your home, mail order marijuana can get you access to legal cannabis. Some patients who live in rural areas aren’t served locally by dispensaries or prefer options beyond the local ones. With mail-order marijuana, there’s no inconvenience, nor do you need to leave the safety of your home. Order what you need online securely and have it delivered in the mail safely and discreetly. Most of the time, buying cannabis online can be more practical because you do not need local sellers. You simply have to search on the internet and have your cannabis delivered discreetly to the provided address.

It Can Be The Only Way For Patients With Mental Conditions To Get Cannabis Safely & Discreetly

Cannabis is often recommended for anxiety and depression. But for people who suffer from these things, a trip to a local dispensary – if there is one – can feel like a nightmare:

  • Sometimes social anxiety and depression are so severe that a trip to a cannabis store and dealing with people is beyond the patient’s capacity.
  • Your local dispensary might not consistently have the strain that’s best suited to your condition.
  • It might be a neurodegenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) that interferes with driving ability, so a trip to the

Also, you might not even have a local dispensary. In those situations, ordering from a Canadian mail order cannabis service is your only safe option. Besides, the unfortunate truth is that in many local dispensaries, people and especially law enforcement are watching who goes in. Sometimes this might be due to “people of interest” supplying the dispensary. Sometimes it’s because they’ve opened their dispensary in an area where it’s still not tolerated yet. Sometimes there are influential community members who oppose it for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case, in most cases ordering mail order cannabis online in Canada is the only way to get precisely the medicinal cannabis you need without anyone else making it their business. Buy mail order cannabis online from Cannabis Care and get the medical marijuana you need. Directly and discreetly.

It’s An Easy And Convenient Way For Critically Ill People To Get Cannabis

Many people are so ill that they cannot leave home to get their medicine. Mail order marijuana is frequently their only choice.

You Can Get High Quality, Lab-Tested Cannabis Mailed Consistently

buy high quality lab tested cannabis online in Canada. Mail order delivery. canna care canada

When you order mail order cannabis online from an online dispensary, you do so with the assurance of the best product. You can find lab-tested cannabis that fits your exact needs. And you can come back to get more of it. With the use of the internet, you can order the best marijuana, Canada-wide from a reliable mail-order marijuana supplier. These may even include past Cannabis Cup Winners and fantastic high CBD strains, with high CBD content and low THC content. Get great Indicas and Sativas at great prices – lab tested and potency guaranteed.

It’s Often More Affordable

save with mail order cannabis in Canada

Buying cannabis online is cheaper because you are purchasing it from a group that doesn’t pay for a storefront. A mail-order cannabis service can offer better deals on volume discounts, repeat orders, and excellent cannabis loyalty programs. For instance…

Free Shipping Is Often an Option

Great online mail order cannabis dispensaries may offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount – it depends on the dispensary! If you are looking for mail-order cannabis, you’ll likely be able to get that cannabis mailed to you without paying for shipping.

You Find More Variety & A Better Cannabis Product Selection


Buying at a local dispensary limits you to what they have in stock, and you have to take their word for it that what they have is what they say it is, and there are often other people waiting as well. But when you choose to order mail order cannabis online, you can take the time to find the right dispensary and mail order cannabis product that fits your needs. There are many options online, and many different strains, but the keys to look for are lab reports with good results and good reviews. A marijuana mail order service that has these things, and responds to inquiries, is a pretty safe bet. When you decide on mail order cannabis, you’re doing yourself a favour by giving yourself exposure to a much better scope of therapeutic marijuana products and strains.

Reviews Clue You In

Mail Order Cannabis Reviews

You can check the quality of the cannabis you are buying by checking reviews – this is an added perk of buying marijuana online. People’s most pressing question when purchasing cannabis online is: how do you know you’re dealing with someone reputable?

One way to answer this is to check out what other people have to say about the mail-order cannabis service and its products.

  • Look for positive reviews that come from people who initially had the same concerns you did.
  • Look for repeat reviews from repeat customers.

As an online dispensary, repeat business is our lifeblood, reputation is everything, and referrals make all the difference. That’s why we’re dedicated to getting reviews, and we’re sure we’ll leave you satisfied as well. Order today and obtain medical cannabis delivered directly and discreetly. Contact us with any questions you may have.

It’s Quick, Easy, And Accessible Wherever You Are, Throughout Canada

Ordering mail order cannabis online is quick, discreet, and available wherever you are, throughout Canada.

  • Fast and secure transactions make discreetly buying mail order cannabis online a simple matter of a few clicks.
  • It is accessible. Regardless of wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you can quickly, conveniently, and discreetly order cannabis online throughout Canada.

In What Forms Are Cannabis & CBD Products Available? How Do Canadian Users Take Marijuana?

  • Medical marijuana is often smoked, in a pipe, bong, or rolled cigarette, aka “joint.”
  • Cannabis also can be consumed using a vaporizer. Rather than burning the marijuana, a vaporizer turns it into a steam-like vapour. Vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Patients can also take cannabis orally. It’s commonly mixed into baked goods and teas. Most dispensaries in Canada offer cannabis edibles or CBD edibles.
  • Cannabis can also be taken as a tincture. A tincture may use alcohol to extract the plant’s active components, and the cannabinoids are often presented in MCT oil.
  • Cannabis oil is commonly used in Canada. Cannabis oil is much more concentrated than leaf marijuana. In some cases, Canadian doctors recommend that patients consume cannabis oil instead of leaf cannabis.
  • Some cannabis oils contain an exceptionally high concentration of CBD, which makes them CBD oil. CBD oil is an excellent way to experience CBD effects on medical health.

Whether you’re rolling joints (aka “cannabis cigarettes,” the thinking person’s alternative to smoking tobacco), you can find flowers and get cannabis oil and CBD Oil in BC Canada online from Cannabis Care. From British Columbia to the tip of Nfld/Labrador.

Which Strains Of Cannabis Are Available In Canada?

There are many different strains of medical marijuana available in Canada.

Each of these has different profiles of active cannabinoids. The most significant cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

Cannabis Strains Are Classified as Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains.

  • Sativa cannabis strains are associated with daytime use and produce a more energetic, “creative” high.
  • Indica strains are more relaxing and sedating and are commonly used at night.
  • Hybrid weed strains blend Indicas, Sativas, and other Hybrids
  • High-CBD marijuana strains, aka CBD Weed, are bred specifically to produce CBD and are often low in THC.

What Are Mail-Order Cannabis & CBD Products Commonly Used For?

Medical cannabis is used for a variety of concerns.

Here are some medical health problems that cannabis is used to treat:

  • Side effects of chemotherapy
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain
  • Lack of appetite
  • Seizures
  • Chron’s disease
  • Muscle spasms

Here are some psychological health problems that it’s used to treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Do Most Doctors In Canada Readily Prescribe Cannabis? Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Cannabis Online In Canada?

medical marijuana card medical documents medical purposes regulation acmpr canna clinic medical purposes regulations

Many doctors in Canada readily prescribe medicinal cannabis. However, some are less likely to prescribe it. Some doctors will only prescribe medicinal cannabis under minimal circumstances. On the other side of the coin, there are doctors in Canada that specialize in medical marijuana.

Many health care practitioners advocate particularly for the use of CBD.

Is Cannabis Legal In Canada?


Until 2001, medical use of cannabis was illegal. In 2001, it became legal for a doctor to prescribe cannabis to his or her patients. This legislation made news headlines throughout Canada.

Until relatively recently, only dried cannabis was allowed for medical use. Then, a prominent case made news headlines and changed this. A baker from The Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada was charged with illegal possession and trafficking of cannabis. He was charged for baking 200 cookies containing marijuana. Luckily, he was acquitted of the charges, and the government of Canada legalized all forms of cannabis for medical purposes.

Is An Online Weed Dispensary In Canada Legal To Order From?

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legal online dispensary Canada: legal cannabis online

Since October 2018, Cannabis has become entirely legal in Canada. This legality means that consumers can order from an online dispensary assured that they are doing so safely, particularly if that online dispensary third-party lab tests their products.

Even before the federal ruling in 2018, Cannabis Care was based in BC, where local municipalities and law enforcement alike had embraced medical marijuana sales, regulating an online dispensary legal locally.

  • Victoria BC, before federal legalization, passed a bylaw that explicitly regulated cannabis businesses, including delivery-based companies like ours, as a legal online dispensary.
  • Vancouver police had explicitly stated that they do not consider cannabis dispensaries to be a priority. Toronto police have expressed similar sentiments.
  • Canada Post embraced cannabis-related businesses, and their privacy protection is federally protected. In Canada, the privacy of your mail is a serious matter!

The Canadian consumer’s risk from ordering from an online medical marijuana dispensary has never been lower in Canada. People who purchase medical marijuana online in Canada face no legal repercussions.

Ordering cannabis online for discreet mail-order delivery from a legal Canadian online dispensary remains the safest way to get the now-legal marijuana in Canada.

Is Growing Your Own Medical Cannabis Legal In Canada?

In Canada, you can grow your medicinal cannabis at home. However, there are limits on the amount of marijuana that people can produce. On average, the limit is two outdoor cannabis plants or five indoor cannabis plants. Typically, this is enough to fill your entire prescription. Growing Indica strains can be a great way to experience CBD effects. Or you can purchase Canada’s best CBD products here from Cannabis Care.

Buy Mail Order Cannabis Products In Canada: Safely and Discreetly!

Cannabis Care is one of Canada’s pioneering lab-tested medical marijuana online shops. We pioneered the use of third-party lab testing and transparent practices, becoming one of the first medical marijuana online dispensaries in Canada to do so. Our dedication to transparency and potency remains to this day.

Order from Canada’s online marijuana dispensary today and get high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products delivered directly to your door.